Is it reasonable that baby food is older than the babies?

Fresh revolution on the baby food shelf
Otto is presented at food vision in cannes 2014

Fresh organic baby food. Directly to your doorstep and selected stores.

OTTO Baby Food is challenging a status quo that has been in place over sixty years, replacing highly processed baby foods with fresh, organic alternatives. To do so we have created a unified supply chain from farm to plate (or to baby’s bottle in this case). Our first product, a milk and oat concoction called Välling, contains fresh organic milk sourced from 25 farms close to the company’s base in Stockholm, from there OTTO takes full responsibility for every step in the chain, through manufacture to final delivery to parents in their homes and selected food stores.

Our business is growing fast and options to expand to other urban centres across Sweden are already being developed, while new products – OTTO smoothie was launched in 2014 - and ‘ready meals’ – are firmly in the pipeline. Our new organic smoothie contains fresh full-fat milk, oat & fruit. Nothing else.

Our production philosophy

  • Fresh, Organic & Healthy
  • Best imaginable organic ingredients
  • No added salt, sugar or preservatives
  • Minimally processed - gently heat treated
  • Flash cooling and integrated cool chain
  • Developed together with parents
  • Supported by pediatricians
  • Supported by The Skåne Food Innovation Network

Founders Team – more than 200 years Experience of Food & Innovation

Mats Lönne (CEO), food entrepreneur & brand strategist, former Brand Manager of ProViva.

Rolf Bjerndell (Chairman), former CEO of Skane Dairy (ProViva), chairman at Oatly, former chairman of Probi.

Rickard Öste (R&D), Professor in Food & Nutrition, founder of Oatly.

Olof Böök (R&D), PhD in Food & Nutrition, 20 years experience of food science and product development.

Lennart Alftrén (R&D), Msc in Food & Nutrition, 40 years experience of product development.

Pär Lundqvist (CFO, Board Member), 30 years within Food Industry.

Björn Öste (Advisor), 30 years experience of Venture Capital, Functional Food, Board Member of Ceba Foods, holding company of Oatly.

OTTOs Baby Food – Contact

Mail: Mats Lönne, CEO & Founder:

Mobile: +46 708 128204

Address: OTTOs Barnmat AB, Mölnavägen 1b, 18161 Lidingö, Stockholm, Sweden